There are many reasons why internal and external floors can become dirty and difficult to clean with a mop and bucket. Heavy footfall in areas like the kitchen, and hallway, and outdoor spaces that endure weather and pollution in addition to heavy footfall, can become dirty very quickly. Luckily, our method of cleaning using our bespoke “clean and capture” technology allows us to clean floors to a very high standard in a very controlled way.


There can be several reasons why tile and grouted areas inside the house can get dirty, including:

  • Pets

  • Front and back entrances where dirt is brought inside

  • Busy areas like the kitchen can become dirty from spillages and high footfall

  • Damp Bathrooms

It’s our job to clean them up! Natural stone floors are often textured or pitted which makes cleaning them more of a challenge. Indeed modern ceramic tiles often mimic these natural tiles with the same result. Over time even the most regularly cleaned floors gently discolour.

This means that although a mop and bucket may do the job now, with larger areas of tile, it’s a good idea to have a yearly deep-clean!

You may not even realise how dirty your tiles have become…

Our specialist truck mounted equipment enables us to deep clean and extract all of the dirty water straight out of the house. This means we don’t leave any mess and the floors are dry upon completion of the work.

Our cleaning equipment is fully adjustable in terms of heat and pressure which enables us to clean more sensitive substrates like Victorian floor tiles.

Residential tile cleaning.JPG
Kitchen floor.JPG


Patios, driveways and swimming pools are all outdoor surfaces that can become incredibly dirty due to extreme weather, pollution and general use.

Using a power hose can be a terribly labour intensive way to clean outdoor surfaces, while also spraying the dirt to other areas which means they’re likely to become dirtier, quicker.

Not only do we use specialist cleaning solutions manufactured by Rocan Products to remove mould, and algae, but these, combined with our bespoke “clean and capture” technology, result in impressive levels of cleaning of external surfaces such as patios, swimming pools and driveways. 

swimming pool
Driveway cleaning hook