Rocan PureKleen DP – Heavy duty surface cleaner & oil stain remover


Rocan PureKleen DP – Heavy duty surface cleaner & oil stain remover


5 Litres

PureKleen-DP is a biodegradable super duty cleaner and degreaser designed to remove heavy contamination from porous and hard substrates including oil stains.

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Key Facts:

This impressive general cleaner is ideal for cleaning unprotected stone and concrete surfaces. It penetrates to lift even the toughest stains, has superb degreasing properties and is ideal for removing both oil and fuel stains from porous surfaces.

  • Deep penetration to lift even the toughest stains

  • Ideal for unprotected stone and concrete surfaces

  • Excellent at cleaning extreme oil and fuel stains from porous substrates

  • Superb degreasing properties

  • Water-based, biodegradable therefore low environmental impact and not subject to WEL (Work Exposure Limits)

  • Low odour so can be used on interior surfaces

  • Better results with increased exposure time

  • Does not damage the substrate being cleaned

  • Can be used for surface preparation prior to coating work

  • Removes grime and grease in one application (most cleaners only do one of these jobs)

  • Can be used neat or diluted with water


  • Always test apply on a small hidden portion of the substrate

  • Coverage rate is Dependant upon level of cleaning required

  • Use neat or dilute as necessary for type of cleaning required. Maximum dilution ratio is 1 part PureKleen-DP to 10 parts water

  • Apply by brush or spray and allow PureKleen-DP to penetrate the dirt or grease

  • Agitate with a stiff brush if heavy soiling

  • Rinse clean with clean pressurised hot water

  • Vacuum up with a wet & dry vacuum

  • In confined areas, use a low pressure hose and scrubbing brush.

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