Rocan PureKleen BR - Algae & microbial growth remover


Rocan PureKleen BR - Algae & microbial growth remover


1 Litre

Rocan Purekleen BR is a high performance renovating cleaner designed to remove organic and microbiological growth contaminants from porous hard ground surfaces such as natural stone, cement, tarmac, brick, terracotta etc.

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Key Facts:

Available as a concentrate liquid, this cleaner is designed to clean and protect surfaces from moss, lichen and algae. Purekleen BR does not contain solvents, acids or caustic soda.

  • May be used on most stone, concrete, brick, tar-
    mac and clay substrates.

  • Once applied will typically keep working for up to
    2–3 years.

  • Reduces on-going maintenance costs.

  • Scrubbing or power washing not required.

  • Professional concentration.

Instructions for application of Rocan RO6 Purekleen BF

  • Supplied ready to use.

  •  Apply neat product to a dry or damp surface with a
    brush, roller or sprayer.

  • Soak the complete area with a generous and even

  • Leave for 20 to 90mins.

  • Rinse with water then allow to dry.

  • Ideally protect the cleaned surface with PureScape
    to limit re-growth.

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