HOTEL SHOWERS and wetrooms

One issue that sometimes affects hotels is that of grout mould and discolouration in guest bathrooms. This is partly to do with the high use of these showers but also to the time pressures that cleaning staff are under these days.

Grout is porous which means that if it is not cleaned well on a regular basis it will soon absorb body fats, soaps and detergents. Once these get inside the grout discolouration takes place and/or mould will result.

It is possible to solve this issue with a process called Colour Sealing. A thorough deep clean of both the tiles and grout can, where appropriate, be followed by an application of Colour Seal to the grout lines only. This product looks and feels like grout, it is not rubbery or bright and shiny, but unlike grout it is completely impervious. The net effect is to seal the grout lines and make it possible to simply wipe off any of the above mentioned contaminants. 

The grout lines maintain their colour and are easier to clean!

Before / After