Tile Cleaning Problem

Tile Cleaning Problem

The Tile

Floor tiles and grout are difficult to keep clean. Mop and bucket cleaning sometimes makes the situation worse. Grout lines in particular tend to become dirty and discoloured because they are the lowest point. Even smooth ceramic tiles tend to discolour over time.

Natural stone floors are often textured or pitted which makes cleaning them more of a challenge. Indeed modern ceramic tile often mimic these natural tiles with the same result. Over time even the most regularly cleaned floors gently discolour.

The Grout

Grout is permeable which means that it very easily absorbs moisture, oils, soaps and detergents, plus food and drink spillages, This changes the appearance of grout which either becomes darker with dirt or it tends to fade. Grout on floors will often look darker and/or dirtier than when the floor was laid, sometimes marked with stains from spilt food and beverages. Grout around wall tiles often fades, and in the worst cases will become orange/yellow as a result of body fats and detergents or black with mould.

Dirty tiles and grout don’t look great and are unhygienic. Dirt collects in the grout lines along with traces of food matter and bacteria. Once again mop and bucket cleaning can often make things worse because unless it is done with very regular changes of water, and the initial wash is followed with a robust rinse to remover cleaning solution, the wash effectively just moves the dirt around until it finally settles in the lowest point i.e. the grout lines. It also adds to the diry appearance by leaving a layer of detergent on the tiles.

Once discoloured there are few ways of resolving the grout issue other than replacing the tiles or chasing out the grout and replacing it which is expensive, time consuming, disruptive and dirty to do. Removing grout is difficult to do without damaging the tiles.

Tile Cleaning Solution


The new approach to this old problem is the use of the right tools.

Clean Tile & Grout’s hard surface cleaning tools have the ability to do more than dilute and suspend the dirt. The combination of hot water, high pressure, emulsifier and vacuum creates a one step cleaning process. First the dirt, bacteria and grime is released from its anchoring position by applying an emulsifier. The pressurised water seeks out unwanted grime, bacteria and chemical residues hidden in microscopic pockets within the tile and grout. Finally, suction removes the dirty water and leaves the tile and grout clean.

Colouring and Sealing Grout

“Colour Sealing” is a process that enables new life to be breathed into old grout! Grout Perfect Colour Seal is an application that not only re-colours the grout but it also provide a completely impervious layer to prevent the ingress of all the nasties that cause grout issues. The beauty of the product is that it still looks and feels like grout once it has been applied. The process includes the following benefits;

  1. It provides complete uniformity of grout colour; replacing the previously discoloured or faded appearance
  2. It protects grout against mildew and orange/yellow staining
  3. It prevents the ingress of liquids including urine and the associated smell that results
  4. It makes treated areas look lighter, brighter and cleaner; as if they have been refurbished

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