Rocan Deep Clean – High Performance Tile and Grout Cleaner


5 Litres

The product is designed to remove hard water deposits, grout haze and discolouration, light efflorescence and dingy soap scum marks.


Product Details for Deep Clean Tile and Grout Cleaner

How to use

  • Protect any areas that are not intended to be cleaned e.g. any adjacent polished natural stone
  • Carry out a small test first
  • Dilute with water to the required level
  • Apply by so brush and allow to dwell for a short while
  • Agitation assists the cleaning process. Ideally use a rotary scrubber or alternatively a s bristle brush (not metal). Long handles grout brushes are ideal to use to scrub grout lines on a door.
  • Floor tiles should then be cleaned. Commercially use of a Turbo Hybrid tool is recommended which will clean and rinse.
  • Wall tiles should be scrubbed with a rough pad to remove light limescale, followed immediately with a thorough rinse using water.
  • Towel dry the cleaned surface.
  • Unprotected surfaces should then be treated with PureScape.

Usage sheet