Grout Perfect Cleaning

Grout Cleaning

Grout sealers have many names. They are known as grout re colourants, grout paints, grout dyes, grout stains and grout pens.

Most of these sealers can be purchased from DIY stores. They are usually thin in consistency and penetrate the grout sitting just below the surface.

Grout Perfect Colour Seal looks and feels like grout, whilst being completely impervious (unlike grout). It contains a modified urethane sealing agent and concrete hardeners to give it extra strength, and help it bond to the sanded grout below. It will greatly reduce the maintenance required to keep the grout looking it’s best.

Grout Perfect® colourseal utilises a concrete hardener that activates only when it contacts the ingredients of cement (grout) such as calcium carbonate (limestone) and silica (ground granite) aggregate. That is why Grout Perfect colourseal actually hardens on grout and remains removable from the ceramic tiles.

Grout Perfect has been used in the USA For 20 years – it has a track record. It is now found all around the world. They continue to improve the product and its performance.

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Aftercare Information

Note: The application must have been give the following drying times:

  • 12 hours on floors and dry walls
  • 24 hours in showers & wet areas.

Any less time and the effectiveness of the product will be compromised. Grout Perfect must not be allowed to get wet until fully cured.


Colour Sealing removes the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals and abrasives. Grout lines should not be scrubbed and bleach should not be used.

Walls: A smooth cloth or sponge in conjunction with hot water and a mild or neutral cleaner (e.g Clean Tile & Grout Maintain cleaner) will be sufficient.

Floors: Clean with a mild or neutral cleaner. Ideally a soft brush should be used to remove dirt from within the grout lines. Rinse with clean, hot water to remove residue cleaning solution. Dry, using an old towel. This can either be wrapped around a brush for use or simply kicked over the floor. This will remove surface water that otherwise will sit in the grout lines and dry out leaving dirt behind.

A once a month clean with our Clean Tile & Grout Cleaning solution and grout brush should be used in high footfall / high dirt area’s on floors.

Grout Perfect Colour Seal is an impressive solution to the age old problem of grout discolouration and mould. Sadly, it does not magically repel dirt, soaps, body fats and dust which will still need to be cleaned off the grout lines.

Our Customers

We colour seal both commercial and private properties.

Private Properties

We can potentially Colour Seal both floor and wall tiles. Provided the tiles are man-made Colour Seal can be applied to both horizontal and vertical (showers etc.) grout lines.

We have deep cleaned and Colour Sealed bathrooms, showers, toilet floors, kitchen floors, foyers, hallways, lounges, bathrooms… any tiled area.

Clean Tile and Grout offer a free demonstration so that you can see exactly what the result of Colour Sealing will be.

Commercial Properties

Over the years we have deep cleaned and Colour Sealed grout lines for many commercial clients. This work includes;

  • Hotel showers / wet area’s
  • Commercial toilet floors
  • Hotel foyers
  • Large reception areas

We undertake work for

  • Facility Management Companies
  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Hotels
  • Tiling Companies

Hotel Bathrooms

Hotel Bathrooms

Cleaning dirty grout is an endless task. Once the grout has been cleaned the same process begins again and after a period of time requires another deep clean. Ultimately the grout cannot be cleaned to an adequate standard. The only way it can be returned back to new is to rake out the old and replace. Not only is this an expensive process, it is very disruptive, and worse the same process described above starts all over again!!!!….hamster and wheel spring to mind!

Colour sealing can be applied as a protective solution at construction stage or as a restorative treatment once the grout has discoloured.

We have been involved in a number of projects where the colour of the grout during install was the issue. Our clients are initially more interested in the fact that the grout isn’t going to have to be raked out of 120 bathrooms…understandably!…however having viewed the process over 4 weeks they began to appreciate the sealing capacity of the product. The colour seal applied at construction stage can give up to 5 years protection from discolouration.

Toilets & Washrooms

Commercial toilets and washroom facilities


In Hotels first impressions are really important which is why a lot of effort goes in to keeping washrooms clean. It can feel like an uphill struggle at times as the grout lines become dirty over time and they become very difficult to clean with the traditional mop and bucket cleaning regime. Not only does the appearance deteriorate but inevitably the issue of unpleasant odours becomes greater, especially if urine penetrates the grout.

Deep cleaning followed by Colour Sealing the grout lines will stop this frustrating cycle.

Commercial Toilets

Tend to have similar issues as hotel toilets. The volume of traffic compounds these issues in areas where the client’s desire is just to have clean looking and smelling washrooms.

The key benefits of Colour Sealing in these environments are;

  • Uniformity of grout colour (replacing the discoloured or faded appearance or “tired” grout).
  • Elimination of unpleasant odours; urine will no longer penetrate the grout causing these offensive smells.
  • Colour Sealed grout is easier to keep clean. Clean Tile and Grout will be very happy to provide guidance in this respect.
  • There will be no mould or mildew within the grout lines once they have been treated.
  • Toilets and washrooms will look lighter and brighter, and smell better once Colour Sealed.

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