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All About Clean Tile & Grout - The Hard Surface Cleaning Company

The Formation of Clean Tile & Grout Limited
Company Vans
Clean Tile & Grout was formed in 2006 when Managing Director Steve Poole was looking at a way of clearing up waste water with in his Graffiti Removal business. The technologies to achieve this operation lead to a link up with several business partners in the States whom created patented equipment to carry out the process of cleaning tile and grout.

The water was cleared up in the graffiti removal business and at the same time Clean Tile & Grout was created

Four years later the company is close to offering a nationwide service cleaning tile and grout. This has been achieved by creating a business opportunity replicated over the country.

The process of cleaning tile and grout was virtually unheard of in the UK. With the increase in the use of hard surfaces throughout domestic and commercial property came a need for interior hard surface cleaning.

Continuing Growth

With the successful growth of the business, bespoke equipment was developed for both interior and now exterior hard surface cleaning. The equipment combines huge heat, and vacuum with controllable pressure – this lends itself to clean and tidy hard surface cleaning.

Having developed the “retriever” machine which enables us to clean tiles and grout lines to levels never before seen, the next step was to find a way of providing longer term protection for grout lines. By teaming up with Grout Perfect, the World’s premier Colour Sealing product, we can protect grout lines against degradation. Please see the Grout Perfect page for more details.

Due to the fact that most people are unaware of how dirty their tile and grout is a free demonstration has always been the starting point – it is the most honourable way to sell a service – both the client and the floor technician know exactly the results which that are going to be achieved – added to this the money back guarantee should the customer not be happy with the results has lead to exciting growth across the UK.

Read the website, have a look at the videos and decide whether your floor needs Clean Tile & Grout.